Why I Love Technology

I’m an old guy, but I adulation technology. While abounding of my aeon had agitation aggravating to forward an email, I was ablaze years ahead.

One of the a lot of advantageous things I abstruse at academy was blow typing. By the time I completed brand 10, I could blazon at 60 words per minute application any blazon of automated typewriter and aftermath a ambit of documents. Learning to blazon has helped me in every job anytime since.

I aboriginal came beyond technology if I abutting the RAAF in 1965. Then, we had ticker-tape machines, or added appropriately blue-blooded Telex machines. We’d blazon a bulletin that appeared as dots on a narrow, continued section of cardboard band and if finished, stick the band in the machine, hotlink it to the buzz band and columnist a button. The Telex band would babble abroad sending the bulletin faster than I could type. It produced an aboriginal and a carbon archetype simultaneously.

If that wasn’t absorbing enough, by the time I got to appear university in 1982 (as a complete age student), I apparent the aboriginal Apple II computer and a chat processing affairs alleged Zardax. It didn’t yield me continued to use the university’s computers and printers to aftermath my assignments, all of which were printed aural account searching brittle and professional.

My adolescent acceptance were paying humans to aftermath their assignments while I aerated abundance out in no time. The adeptness to cut and paste, embolden, italicise, and actualize the compulsatory footnotes automatically won me over and my activity afflicted forever.

I after became a Queensland (Australia) Technical and Further Education abecedary teaching aural the business and accretion discipline. I accomplished accounting application automated and cyberbanking typewriters and chat processors, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases, and programming a part of added things. I admired the technology, I admired the acceptance and I enjoyed teaching it.

There was so abundant one could accomplish application whizz-bang technology and able-bodied anticipation out software programming. As a teacher, and after a arch of administration and training manager, it fabricated my activity abundant easier and added productive.

Ever back I’ve admired technology and accept a abundant account for those abaft designing it. Although I resisted affairs a SMART buzz for a few years, I accept acclimatized able-bodied to my iPhone and all the accomplished apps that are available.

Now, I can book a doctor’s appointment on an app and even accept a CASIO Edifice watch that checks its timing accurateness application an iPhone app every morning at 7 o’clock.

How acceptable is that?